A Hot Wife Sex Desire Story: Husband Introduces Wife to a New Lover – Part 1

Read in the A Hot Wife Sex Desire Story that my wife was very sexy and I felt that I was not able to give her complete pleasure in sex. So I made arrangements for her satisfaction.

Friends, my name is Raj, my height is 5 feet 7 inches.
I am not very good looking and my complexion is also dark.

I got married to Priya in 2016.
At that time Priya was 24 years old, a young beauty, and looked very beautiful.
Her figure was 32-28-34 at that time!

At that time, I was considering myself the luckiest person in the world after getting Priya.
And I was because I got a virgin bride on the wedding night with whom I spent my wedding night with a lot of love and then the train of my life started moving!

This hot wife sex desire story is related to my wife.

Time kept passing like this.
But gradually I started to feel that perhaps during sex with Priya, I ejaculate early and calm down and am not able to satisfy Priya.

And maybe Priya also does not like me because she also does not support me fully in sex.

However, Priya never told me this because maybe she was not that excited for sex or did not want to tell me, or did not want to hurt me. Only
sometimes we both were in the same mood for sex.

Similarly, in 2019 we planned to visit Chittorgarh!
Where I booked a hotel.

When we were going to visit Chittorgarh, I spoke to one of my friend’s friend Parmeet who lives in Chittorgarh itself.
I told him that I have booked a hotel but I don’t know much about Chittorgarh. If there are any places worth visiting nearby, please tell me.

He very affectionately told me about the surrounding area and said- Raj, don’t worry. I will meet you at the hotel and then we will go for a walk together!

We reached Chittorgarh Hotel at 7 pm.
Around 8 pm, we got a call from Parmeet that he had arrived outside the hotel.

I went to the hotel reception and met Parmeet for the first time!
As soon as we met, it felt like we were very old friends.

Then Parmeet and I went to my room in the hotel.

I introduced Parmeet to my wife.
Then we sat in the room and talked for a long time.

My wife Priya was also supporting us in the conversation but not much!

At 10 pm, I told Parmeet to have dinner here.
But he refused and took leave from us saying that he will come tomorrow at 7 am. Then he will take us around the tourist places around Chittorgarh.

Then after dinner, Priya and I started resting in the hotel.
And at the same time we had a round of sex in which Priya seemed a bit changed and we had sex with passion.
Then we slept.

We got ready and sat down at 7 in the morning.
Parmeet came with his car by 7:30.

Me, Parmeet and Priya went for a trip of 130 kms from Chittorgarh.
It was a very nice place.

Then we had lunch and started coming back.

While going I was in the front seat.
But while coming back I was feeling very sleepy so I sat in the back seat to rest and Priya went to the front seat.

I also fell asleep in between.

When I woke up, I saw Priya and Parmeet talking about normal things.

In the evening, Parmeet took us to one more place and then dropped us at the hotel.

Leaving Priya at the hotel, we both went out for a walk where we drank a beer each.
It seemed as if Parmeet had become my close friend in just one day.

Then Parmeet took leave from me.

That night, while fucking Priya in the hotel, I felt that today Priya was getting fucked in a very romantic and hot manner.

The next day we went to visit Chittaurgarh Fort, Parmeet was not with us.

But in the evening Parmeet came to meet us and we talked a lot while sitting in the room.
This time Priya was talking openly to Parmeet and Parmeet was also talking more openly to Priya.

Perhaps the understanding between both had increased.

That night Parmeet also had dinner with us,
then Priya and I came back to our home in Bhopal.

After coming home, Priya and I discussed about Parmeet many times in which Priya always told me- Parmeet is very handsome.
Priya liked Parmeet’s personality.
She used to say- Parmeet has become a good friend of yours too!

But whenever Priya talked about Parmeet, that night’s sex would give a different pleasure.
I knew that Priya liked Parmeet.

Then sometimes at night while fucking Priya I would mention Parmeet and tease her.
On this Priya would support me with more enthusiasm.

I used to ask her to call me Parmeet during sex which doubled Priya’s excitement.
And I too used to fuck her thinking she was Parmeet as if she was Raj’s wife.

Once I told Priya – You take his WhatsApp number and chat!

Priya started chatting with him.
Slowly they both started talking.

But Priya never hid anything from me, she always told me whatever chat or conversation they had.

Priya also invited Parmeet to her home.

One day Priya told me that she had proposed to Parmeet and Parmeet also told Priya ‘I love you’.

Now whenever we both talked, we would have hours of loving conversations.
In between, sometimes we would also talk about Parmeet.

Many times Priya would talk to Parmeet in front of me.
But I never let Parmeet know that I knew about Parmeet and Priya.

Priya’s body had changed a lot since her marriage.
Now her figure had become 36-30-36 and her bra looked like 34C.

Priya’s hair was long and her face was very beautiful… Priya’s boobs were big in size and the shape of her ass would fascinate anyone!

Once Parmeet had come to Bhopal for a friend’s wedding.
He had already told this to Priya… and Priya had told me.

Parmeet called me at 11 am and told me that he has come to Bhopal for a friend’s wedding.
I immediately asked Parmeet to come to my house.
And I said – I am leaving the office. I will pick you up at 12:30

I also told Priya that Parmeet and I would arrive by 1:00.

Then I reached home with Parmeet at 1 o’clock.

As soon as Priya opened the door, I saw that she was all dressed up.
She was wearing a red floral print saree and a light golden matka shape backless blouse, her hair was in a ponytail, light red lipstick on her lips and a lot of bangles on her hands.

Parmeet and I came inside.
While coming in, Parmeet also touched Priya’s hands.

Both of them also made eye gestures to each other.

The smile on Priya’s face was unhidden.

Then the three of us sat in the hall for some time and started talking.
I noticed that Parmeet and Priya seemed to be more friendly with each other and they were also making gestures.

Priya was also smiling softly.

Then Priya served the food.
We ate and were talking when I got a call from one of my friends.
After talking I told Parmeet- Parmeet, you sit. I will give a document to my friend in 10 minutes and come back.

Then I went inside and called Priya for the key of the cupboard and said- I will come after 20 minutes. Meet Parmeet properly… and do not stop him from doing anything! Otherwise he will not come again. There
was a smile on Priya’s face.

I kissed Priya on her face and said- No fucking today… everything else… anything!
I winked at her and took some papers and left.

After getting down from the building, I went to a nearby corner and bought tea and cigarettes and after about 20-25 minutes, I reached home.

When I came home, I saw that both Parmeet and Priya were watching TV.
But Priya’s smile was unhidden.
After all, she had spent some time with her lover.

After some time, Priya made tea and we sat and talked.

At 5 o’clock Parmeet said- I am leaving now!
I went to the wedding venue to drop Parmeet.

There Parmeet stopped me and we had some drinks at the wedding party.
During this time I requested Parmeet to stay at my house.

Parmeet initially said no to this.
But finally Parmeet promised to come and spend some time with us after the wedding.

And then I left from there at 8 pm.
When I reached home, Priya opened the door and hugged me proudly.

When I told her that Parmeet would be coming again, she said – Was whatever happened not enough that you have invited Parmeet to stay at home?

Then Priya and I had dinner.
During this time I told Priya how I persuaded Parmeet to stay at my house.

After this we went to bed.
Then I asked Priya what happened after I left… now tell me in detail?

Further hot wife sex desire story in Priya’s words:

Raj, as soon as you left, I locked the door and came to the window.
I saw you leaving.

Then I came and sat next to Parmeet on the sofa.

Parmeet first told me- Today you look more beautiful than before!
And while talking he slowly placed his hand on my hand and started caressing it.

Then after some time he suddenly put one of his hands on my breast and pressed it.
I suddenly got scared.

Before I could think anything, he placed his lips on mine and kissed me.
But I was not cooperating with him yet.

Parmeet moved away from me and went towards the window and started looking outside.
I told Parmeet- Don’t worry, Raj will not come so soon.

Parmeet immediately turned around and came rushing towards me.
I was still sitting, as soon as Parmeet came he climbed on me and put his lips on mine and started kissing me.

After some time I stopped Parmeet and said- Stop it, I am yours.
Then I kissed Parmeet on his face.

My pussy had become wet.

Parmeet and I were sitting on the sofa, holding each other’s arms and talking.
At times, we were kissing each other.

In between, Parmeet pressed my boobs over the blouse once or twice.
I was feeling very shy, Parmeet was caressing my cheeks.

But I was also focused on time.

After some time I came to the window with Parmeet, where Parmeet said- you are wearing a very sexy blouse.
I said- this backless blouse is only for you so that I can seduce you!

Parmeet was kissing my back after moving my braid to one side and was also fondling my breasts from the front.
We were also talking and I was smiling at his actions.

My pussy had become wet due to his actions.
Parmeet’s penis was fully erect at that time and was making its way into the crack in my ass.

Just then I saw you coming.
I said to Parmeet- Raj is coming back.

Then I said to Parmeet – Yours has become erect, please calm it down!

Then Parmeet sat on the sofa and you came.

Hot wife sex desire story is going to be very long.
Keep sending me your views on every part.

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