As a beginner in sex here are some positions you should try.

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We know that it’s hard to fight the urge to have sex. It will not help to watch porn in this case. It is best to hire high-class women as strippers because of this. Think about being with her and letting her lead. She is giving you head and kisses you then she tells you to lick her wet pussy. She tells you, “You want to put your toy inside me” while you eat her tasty pussy for dessert. Wow, this must feel like a dream come true. To help you get comfortable for your first sex, here are some positions you can try.

How to Have Sex for the First Time

The standard position for missionaries

The missionary position is a great go-to for sex and a real standard. It is easy and surprisingly flexible; to change things up, you can make small changes like changing the angle of your hips or legs. Allow your partner to enter you from below while they lie face down on top of you while you are in this position.

Position at the edge of bed

It is attractive to be pulled to the edge of the bed and fucked. What if you are not the right height for the bed? This might be problematic. Having the man kneel or putting pillows under the woman’s hips is an easy way to fix that, though. Which one works best will be decided by you. This position is taken by the woman lying on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off. So, the man grabs her legs, puts himself between them goes inside her. That is when it is all in his hands. Until the light comes on, he moves out of the way. Guys hold on to her legs or thighs to stay steady.

Position for dogs

The doggie style is without a doubt one of the most famous and liked sex positions. It is also surprisingly good for beginners. This sex position is very exciting and enjoyable because it allows for deep entry and sex that sends chills down your spine. The man is standing behind her in the “doggie” position the woman is on all fours. Call Girl in Chennai can help you if you are excited to try this position.

Hey girl,

Bounce, grind and move forward or backward are all options. It gives them great views and eye contact, making it a great position to start finding out what they like. You can act like a cowboy again, feeling comfortable and sure of yourself. Simply mount your sex partner. Place your hands on the wall behind the bed for extra support, or use them to keep yourself steady.

First-time sexers should try these safe positions.

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