Enjoyed sex with a schoolgirl in the garden

Read in the sexy mall ki chudai story that I saw a very beautiful girl alone in a park. When our eyes met I smiled. She also smiled. After that how did the matter reach to sex? Antarvasna

Friends, my name is Sanket, I am 26 years old and I live in Ahmedabad.

This sexy sex story is about me and Aditi.

This was in 2019, when I met Aditi for the first time.
I used to go for a walk in the river front garden every evening.

This place in Ahmedabad is full of crowd in the evening.
One day I saw a very beautiful girl sitting alone there.

She was a very sexy girl.
At that time she was wearing jeans top and she was looking hot.

I really felt like going and talking to him, but I was also feeling a little scared from inside.

After a while our eyes met.
I smiled slightly and he also smiled in response.

Hi… what a wonderful smile she had.

Aditi was twenty years old, she was as white as milk in appearance.
Her height was five feet seven inches and her figure was 32-30-34.
There was a small mole on her lips, which made her look very attractive and perhaps my heart had fallen in love with this mole.

I had read somewhere that if there is a mole on the lips, then that girl kisses very well and also gets set soon.
As soon as I remembered this thing of mine, I started feeling that this girl can settle down with me.

Now I was looking at him with very hopeful eyes.
Then he gestured to me and called me towards him.

My wishes blossomed that this is happening exactly as I am thinking.

I went near him and started looking at him.

Aditi- Hi!
Me- Hi!

Aditi- Will you take a photo of me?
She asked very lovingly and I said yes, why not?

Then I took some photos of her from her mobile and started talking to her.

Me- Are you new in this city?
Aditi- Yes, I have come here from Surat to do engineering.

Me: If you don’t mind, can I tell you something?
Aditi- Yes, tell me!

Me- You are very beautiful.
I said this with a slight smile.
So in response Aditi laughed a little shyly.

We talked a bit with that sexy lady for some time and from here our friendship started.

I asked him for his mobile number.
But she refused at that time and gave me her Instagram ID.

After that we started chatting on Instagram.

We started sharing memes with each other and after a few days, we started sending naughty and non-vegetarian memes too.

Aditi used to live in a rented room here in Ahmedabad with her two friends.

We both started meeting at the cafe near his room on weekends.
She started sharing all her things with me.

One day she told that today her friend bathed with her for a long time.
Hearing this I asked her- Do you like lesbian sex?

She started laughing and said – No friend… but that friend of mine is very mischievous. What happened was that I was cleaning the hair of my private parts with the vet when suddenly she came inside and saw the white cream applied between my legs.
I said- then?

“Then what…the bastard started doing her thing and started asking me to clean his ass too.”
I asked- so what did you say?

Aditi said why should I do it… apply this paste and wipe it with a cloth!
I said- then?

‘Then she started applying cream on her pixie.’
I asked – Pikki means the same thing, right?

Aditi laughed and said – Yes, you are holding it right.
I said- Where have I caught!

Aditi started laughing loudly.
Due to such things, the intensity between us started increasing.

After about a month I told her that I love you.
So she replied that she also loves me. I don’t know for how long I wanted to hear it from your mouth.

I said- I am a little shy, friend. You should have told me!
Aditi- Oh wow, this work is yours only. How could I say?

I said- Why… what is there in it?
She started laughing and from here our love story i.e. sex story started.

After expressing my love to her, we both went to watch a movie the same day.
That day he was wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans.
It looked amazing.

In the darkness of the theatre, I started caressing her breasts.
She had also become hot and her breathing had become faster.

‘Sss aah’ came from her mouth. The sounds started coming.
She was enjoying the massage of her breasts with her eyes closed.

After massaging her boobs for a while, I removed my hand from her breasts.

She immediately opened her eyes and started looking at me with intoxicating eyes.
I smiled.

Then I placed my hand on her pussy and started caressing her pussy over her jeans.

She closed her eyes again and started enjoying.
This time she was biting her lips lightly.

Till the interval, I kept massaging her pussy and sometimes her breasts.
We had gone to watch a movie in the morning, so there were not many people in the theater.

After the interval, I kept my bag in Aditi’s lap and this time I opened the button of her jeans and placed my hand on her soft and wet pussy.
What a wonderful mattress like pussy that sexy lady had.

As soon as my hand touched her unfucked pussy, she immediately got excited.
A lovely sigh came out of her mouth.

Now she also started caressing my erect penis.
Both of us were very hot, so we left the movie midway and went to a hotel room.

On the way, she talked to her friends on phone and got information about their whereabouts.
Luckily, both of them were out till evening for some work.

Meaning the room was empty at that time. Aditi asked to quickly walk towards the room.

Soon both of us went inside the room, both of us drank water.
After that they started hugging each other vigorously.

Then I turned Aditi’s face towards me and kissed the mole on her lips.
Aditi started laughing at my action, so I started kissing her directly on her pink lips.

She also started supporting me. After kissing for about five minutes, we both separated.
Then I picked her up and took her to the bedroom. Made her lie down on the bed and lay down on her.

I started kissing her lips back and slowly started kissing her neck.
After that he started kissing her behind her ear.

She was now completely aroused and started making siss aah umm sounds.
I took off his T-shirt. She was not wearing a bra inside. Her beautiful boobs were exposed in front of me. Her nipples were pink.

My mouth started watering as soon as I saw her boobs.
I like sucking breasts very much. I held one of her breasts in my hand and started squeezing it.

She was making sounds of aah aaah hhu hhhh.

After squeezing the milk for a while, I started sucking and biting her breasts again and she started letting out loud aahs.

Aditi- Bite slowly!
But where was I going to stop?

I kept sucking and massaging both her breasts one by one for a long time.
Then he reached her jeans while kissing her stomach and navel.

Opened the button of her jeans and removed her jeans by pulling them with her mouth.
Now I put her toes in my mouth and started kissing and licking them.

Her erotic moans were coming out continuously.
While kissing her feet, I kept licking her till her thighs.

She just ‘sssss ahh ummmm ahh.’ Sounds were being made.
I started licking her pussy over her panty.

She became intoxicated and started pulling my hair. Her intoxicating sounds started getting louder.

Then I took off her panty and started licking the clitoris of her pussy.
After some time, I inserted one of my fingers into her pussy and started giving her double pleasure.

Within a short time she ejaculated on my face and I drank all her fluid.

Now she took off my clothes and started caressing my 7 inch penis by holding it in her hand.
After some time she took my penis in her mouth.

With great difficulty only my glans was able to enter her mouth. Because my penis is very thick.

Still she sucked my penis very lovingly .

Now she couldn’t stop herself and she wanted a dick in her pussy as soon as possible.
I asked her to lie down straight and placing a pillow under her ass, I started rubbing my penis on the clitoris of her pussy.

Then I applied a condom on the penis and applied a little cream on it.
Now I slowly started inserting my penis into her pussy.

She started screaming ahhh ahhh.
I slowly kept inserting my penis into her pussy.

After the entire penis went inside, she too started enjoying it.
She also started shaking her ass to get fucked.

After about five minutes her pussy released its water.
But mine was still due.

So I asked her to change her position.
Now I made her lie down on the edge of the bed and placed both her legs on my shoulders and in one stroke inserted my penis inside her pussy.

She screamed loudly – ​​Ah burst… Ohhh… Ohhh died.

I kept pounding her pussy vigorously.
After ten minutes, I took out the penis from her pussy and released all the semen on her breasts.

Aditi had ejaculated twice during this sex.

After sex, we both slept together naked.

After an hour, I fucked Aditi once more, wore my clothes and came out of her room.

Since then, I don’t remember how many times I have fucked Aditi.

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