Hot Maal Sex Need Story: Siba’s Encounter with Rajan – Part 1

Hot Maal Sex Need Story, I came to my mother’s house after fighting with my husband. But I needed sex and money too. I started applying mehendi.

Friends, my name is Raj and today I have brought a new sex story for you.
This sex story is of one of my readers whose first story “
Sex with boyfriend at the mother’s house”
you all have read.
I am giving its link.

Whoever has read the above story would have understood which reader I am talking about fucking and for those who don’t know, here is the link.
Please read it once so that you can enjoy this new hot maal sex need story.

Friends, my name is Siba. I belong to a veiled community. I am a 27 year old housewife and I am very fair in appearance.
My body is full. I wear a size 34 bra, due to which people always stare at my boobs with a devouring gaze.

My figure is 34c-30-36. Whenever I go out, people try to control their penis just by looking at me.

I feel very happy seeing all this.
At that time I feel proud of my youth and that God has given me the power to make everyone’s penis erect.

Without boring you much, let me come to the story.
This incident is 6 months old from today.

This time my fight with my husband had become so intense that I did not even want to see his face.
That is why I came to my mother’s house.

My husband came many times to pick me up but I did not go.

Now I was getting bored sitting at home all day.
Then one day my friend came to me to get mehendi applied and I applied mehendi on her hands.

She liked the mehendi I had applied so much that she told me the idea of ​​applying mehendi at the wedding.
I too said yes with the intention of doing this work.

He told a person he knew about me.
And coincidentally he also needed a Mehndi artist.
He called me to a place two days later for Mehndi work.

Although I always get fucked by my boyfriend at my parents’ house, but I did not know that it was written in my pussy that I would get fucked by another cock.

They say that the well comes to the thirsty person by itself.
The one I went to, his cock was also very thirsty… but my pussy i.e. the well quenched its thirst and it also took many dips in my well.

After two days, I reached the address given by my friend’s acquaintance and there I applied mehndi to a large number of women.

They all liked my work very much so that man gave me a good amount of money for my work.

The man gave me this money through his assistant.
I was very happy to see so much money.

After that I worked on many orders of that man, but we had never talked face to face yet.

Then a day came when we both met face to face.
He had come to see his work.
Then he talked to me.

I was wearing a saree that day because I always went to functions like that.

Today when I met that man, I came to know about his name etc.

The same man is also the hero of this sex story.
His name was Rajan.

He was a 40 year old man.
I will call him a man because he had maintained himself very well.

When we met for the first time, he praised my work a lot and also said that because of your good work I got orders for many other weddings.
Now I had joined Rajan’s team.
Day by day I started earning a good amount of money.

Due to which my needs were being fulfilled easily.
Rajan also started trying to stay closer to me.

When I was working, he would come himself and ask me whether I had eaten food or not.
He started worrying about me.

Sometimes when I was late for reaching home, he would send a car to drop me home.

Once it also happened that late in the night, he himself came with me to drop me home.

Then I invited him inside my house, gave him tea, introduced him to my family.
My family also liked his behavior.

One day it was afternoon.
I was returning home from the market.

Then Rajan saw me and stopped his car.
He asked me to drop him home so I sat in the car with him.

Before dropping me home, he took me to a coffee shop.
We both had coffee there and while drinking coffee, he asked me about my married life.
I became sad after listening to him.

He sensed my sadness and did not say anything.
Then both of us left for home.

After a few days, Rajan arranged a trip for his entire staff in which all of us went. There
were 6 ladies and 5 gents in our team.

We all enjoyed the whole day but Rajan was a little sad.
Then I went to him and asked.

He apologized to me for what happened that day and said- I can understand your pain Siba…because these days I am also going through this pain. I wish we had met earlier, then I would have married you. I don’t know what happens to me when I see you. I feel good only when you are in front of me…and when you are out of my sight, my heart starts getting nervous.

He was saying a lot.
To be honest, Rajan was a very nice person and he cared a lot for me.
That is why I did not say anything to him even after hearing everything he said.

That was all we could talk about that day.
And after that day Rajan started spending more and more time with me.

Now whenever he had an order, he himself would come to drop me in his car in the evening.
Sometimes he would come to pick me up in the morning as well.

Because of his work, sometimes I started going out for 2-3 days.

He arranged for all our staff to stay in good hotels.
I was now starting to like Rajan.

Once upon a time,
we had to go in the evening for wedding arrangements.

I was getting ready in my hotel room.
I was just wearing my blouse when Rajan came to my room to call me.

He saw me wearing the blouse.
I was shocked at that time and I screamed.
He ran away without saying anything.

I got very angry at him.
I got ready and finished my day’s work and came home.

After that day, I did not receive any phone message from Rajan for 2 months.
Yes, his assistant would call me for work and I would go to work.

Now I too had forgotten that thing.

Then one day I was going somewhere and I saw Rajan.
I went towards him and said hello to him.
But he was avoiding my gaze.

Even then he talked about dropping me home, so I agreed and left with him to go home.

After some time, Rajan stopped the car at a deserted place and started saying sorry to me.

I told him ‘It’s okay’ and he proposed to me.
I liked Rajan so I said yes to him.

He kissed me right there in the car.
Initially I pretended to be angry but he understood that I liked his kiss.

He started kissing me again.
I tried to stop him and push him away, but he did not listen.

Slowly I also started supporting him.
Rajan kissed me for a long time.

Then I pushed her away and said- I am getting late for home. Drop me home first.
She said- Okay, I will drop you. But day after tomorrow you will come with me to Goa for 3 days… where I will make love to you alone to my heart’s content Siba!

Hearing this I said yes to him because I also wanted to have sex with Rajan.

Anyway, I go out for 3-4 days for my work, so my family was not going to have any objection to my going.

I came home and that night we both did sex chat on mobile for a long time.

We were fucking each other in our thoughts.
Now all that was left was to turn our thoughts into reality.

Rajan was going to take me to Goa after 3 days to fuck me.
I was also yearning for that.

That day arrived.
We had planned to leave early in the morning so Rajan came to my house to pick me up in the morning.

I got ready and left with Rajan.

My mother came to drop me to the car and she asked Rajan to take care of me.
He assured my mother and we both left.

As soon as the car went some distance, Rajan started speaking in a low voice- Aunty ji, don’t worry, for three days I will fuck your lovely daughter very well… I will fuck her pussy very lovingly.
Hearing this I punched him and he started laughing.
What he said was also right. I was going with him for hot maal sex need.

Both of us reached Goa by flight.
Rajan had made all the arrangements there.

After reaching Goa, we both checked in at a big hotel and came to the room.
After coming to the room, we both freshened up and went for a walk.

After a while when we came back from our trip, after a while two Chinese or hilly looking girls came there and told me- Come with us! When
I looked at Rajan, he smiled and asked me to come with them.

Both of them took me to a room.
That room was like the one where models or heroes and heroines get ready.

He told me- We will dress you like a bride here because Rajan Sir wants to see you as his bride.

I understood that today would be my wedding night; I was very happy.

They made me sit on a chair and asked me to take off my t-shirt and jeans and sit.
I said- I will feel very embarrassed in front of both of you!

Then they explained that they are also girls and there is nothing to be shy about.
I agreed with them and took off my clothes.

Then they checked the size of my boobs and ordered 4-5 sets of bras and panties one size smaller than mine.
Now both of them started waxing my hands and legs.

After that she applied mehendi on my hands and feet.
Then she did my facial and after bathing me, she prepared me completely.

He had completely cleaned the hair growing on my pussy.

After this he made me wear a dark blue colored bra and panty which was a little tight and was further highlighting my body.

The panty that I was made to wear was also dark blue… which had a little net design in the front.

I was dressed in a lehenga and given some bangles and bridal chooda on my hands and anklets on my feet.
They even gave me a mangalsutra to wear around my neck.

I was completely dressed up like a bride.
When I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror, I could not believe that I looked so beautiful.

Then both of them took me to a room.
As soon as I went into that room I saw that the bed in the room was decorated with flowers.

They both left after making me sit on the bed.
I was very excited and I could not understand what was happening… or what was going to happen!

Although I knew that I was going to have sex today,
I was unaware of what was going to be special about it.

So friends, this was the first part of my hot maal sex need story.
In the next part I will tell you how Rajan became my saajan and fucked me for 3 days and how he made me happy by adopting various new methods.

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