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In this blog post, we will explore the concept of queer platonic relationships. What are they? What are the benefits? And how can you find one that works for you? Queer platonic are a relatively new concept, but they are quickly gaining popularity as more and more people realize the benefits. These relationships are based on intimacy and companionship, rather than romance or sex. If you’re looking for something deeper than a casual friendship, a queer platonic relationship might be right for you.

Queer Platonic Relationships - myheavenmodels.com
Queer Platonic Relationships – myheavenmodels.com

What is a queer platonic relationship?

A queer platonic relationship is a close, non-sexual relationship between two people who identify as queer. These relationships can be emotional, physical, spiritual, or any combination of the three. They may also be sexual, but not necessarily so.

Queer are often seen as more intimate than traditional relationships because of the closeness that is often shared between queer people. This is not to say that all relationships are close, but rather that they have the potential to be.

relationships can be incredibly fulfilling and supportive. They can provide a space for trust, love, and intimacy that may not be found in other kinds of relationships.

The different types of queer platonic relationships

When we think of relationships, we typically think of romantic partnerships. But there are other types of relationships that can be just as fulfilling, such a relationships.

relationships are non-romantic relationships between people who identify as queer. These relationships can be close friendships, creative partnerships, or any other type of relationship that is based on mutual respect and understanding.

There are many different types of queer platonic relationships. Some examples include:

-Best friends who are also queerplatonic partners. This type of relationship is based on a deep emotional bond and mutual support.

-A queerplatonic couple who live together and share all aspects of their lives, but don’t consider themselves romantically involved.

-A group of friends who identify as queerplatonic partners and share everything from emotional support to living space to financial resources.

No matter what form they take, queer platonic relationships are built on trust, communication, and a shared commitment to each other’s well-being. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional romantic relationships, a queer platonic relationship might be right for you!

The benefits of queer platonic relationships

When most people think of platonic relationships, they usually think of a man and a woman who are friends without any sexual attraction or romantic feelings. However, there is more to platonic relationships than that. In fact, queer platonic relationships can be extremely beneficial for both parties involved.

One of the main benefits of queer platonic relationships is that they can provide a deep level of companionship and support that is not always found in other types of relationships. This is because queer platonic relationships are built on trust, respect, and communication – all of which are essential for any strong relationship.

Another benefit of queer platonic relationships is that they can help to reduce stress and anxiety. This is because when you have someone who you can rely on and who understands you, it can take a lot of the pressure off of everyday life. In fact, studies have shown that people in supportive relationships tend to have lower levels of stress and anxiety overall.

Finally, queer platonic relationships can also be a great way to explore your sexuality. If you’re not sure about your sexuality or you want to experiment with someone who won’t judge you, a queer platonic relationship can be the perfect way to do so. Plus, it’s a great way to build intimacy and trust with someone before exploring something more sexual.

How to find a queer platonic partner

There are a few ways to go about finding a queer platonic partner. The best way is to use the internet and social media platforms to find groups or events that cater to queer people looking for platonic relationships. There are also many online dating websites and apps that have options for people who are looking for platonic relationships.

Another way to find a queer platonic partner is to ask friends if they know anyone who might be interested in such a relationship. Finally, there are often meetups or other events specifically for queer people that can be found through online search engines or through word of mouth.

Queer platonic relationship resources

If you’re in a queer platonic relationship, or are thinking about starting one, there are lots of resources out there to help you. Here are some of our favorites:

The Platonic Partners website offers advice and support for people in all types of platonic relationships, including queer ones.

The Queerplatonic Relationships blog is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about this type of relationship.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in a queer platonic relationship for awhile, these resources can help you make the most of it.


There are many different types of relationships out there, and queer platonic relationships are just one of them. If you’re thinking about starting a queer platonic relationship, myheavenmodels.com is a great place to start. We have tons of resources and articles to help you get started, and we can even connect you with potential partners. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring today!

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