Which Hotel is Safe For Unmarried Couples in Varanasi?

If you are looking for a place to stay in Varanasi that is safe for unmarried couples, you’ll want to check out OYO rooms. This hotel has a reputation for being safe for unmarried couples, and its friendly staff will help you check in and make sure you get the best service possible. These hotels also focus on security and privacy, and their staff is well-trained to address your needs.

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While India has no law against hotels hosting unmarried couples, some do not. Despite this, some companies have started analyzing guest feedback and implementing policies that make them safe for couples. One of these companies, Kavikrut, has raised $62 million in venture capital from Softbank, and actively campaigns for its policy on social media. A similar company, StayUncle, is a budget hotel in Delhi that aims to cater to unmarried couples.

Bag2Bag is another company that makes booking a hotel in Varanasi safe for unmarried couples. It offers the best prices and flexible stay options for unmarried couples. However, to use Bag2Bag, you must be 18 years old and carry proof IDs. The company does not allow couples under the age of 18 to stay in a hotel.

Oyo rooms has standard rooms in over fifty cities. Oyo’s booking representative said that unmarried couples could stay together at some of its properties if they were not married. Similarly, AwesomeStays claims to have 500 rooms in six cities. The representative said that if the couples are from a different city, they could stay together. Otherwise, they would need a valid reason to stay outside the house.

Legally speaking, hotels cannot deny rooms to unmarried couples. According to a senior advocate, living together is a personal choice and cannot be restricted. The hotel association in India, which oversees over 280 hotels in the country, denies that unmarried couples can book rooms. They say it is better to play safe than sorry. The hotel is also required to display an identity card showing the couple is a married couple.

One of the safest options for unmarried couples in Varanaisi is Hotel Varanasi Inn. This hotel offers a variety of facilities and amenities to suit every budget. It also has laundry and dry cleaning services. It is a non-smoking hotel, and smoking is allowed only in designated areas. The rooms are also non-smoking, which is an important consideration when choosing a hotel in this city. you can also visit our varanasi escorts service for extra fun.

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