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Friends, my name is Deepak.
I am from Mathura.
I am 21 years old.

Today I want to tell you a true incident that happened some time ago.
This was the second sex of my life.

I had gone to Delhi yesterday for some work.
Seeing the atmosphere there, I became crazy for sex.

I first finished my work then called one of my friends who lived in Mukherjee Nagar to prepare for his SSC.

I went to him and told him everything.
He showed me a photo of a Bhabhi.

Man, what a beauty she was.

Then he gave me his number and made me talk to him.

Her name was Soni.
Her age was 35 years and her figure was 36-30-38.

My friend said that I will go to the library at night, the room will be vacant so you can have fun.

Bhabhi had given me time at 8 o’clock.
My friend Karan went to the library at 7 o’clock.

I also became free after having food and drinks.

My friend had already arranged condoms and drinks etc. for me.

At 8:15 in the night someone knocked on the door.
When I opened the gate I saw a Bhabhi standing in front of me.

She wore a blue saree and a black blouse. She had
light red lipstick, a small bindi, a slim waist and a tight body.

I understood that this was Soni Bhabhi.

Since it was clear from her looks that Bhabhi was a woman who went to the gym,
I kept looking at her.

Then Bhabhi cleared her throat and signaled me, so I hurriedly called her inside.

Bhabhi- where is Karan… and you were the one who called!
Me- he has gone to the library and yes I called him.

Bhabhi said boldly- Karan must have told the rate?
I thought in my mind that Karan had said that this slutty Bhabhi will take 3000 for the whole night.

But I enjoyed it from the front – no, he had said that I will talk to you, you just enjoy.

Bhabhi- No, first the money, then we will do some work. I will charge 3000 for one night… final. There will be no bargaining!
Me- Okay.

I gave the money to Bhabhi and she kissed the notes proudly and kept it in her purse.

Then I said – Actually, whenever bhabhis take money, they keep it in their blouse.

Bhabhi smiled and said- Will you take off your blouse now?
I said- I had forgotten this.

She started laughing and said- I don’t forget.
Me- Tell me about yourself… what is your name… husband… children!

Bhabhi- My name is Soni. My husband works in Mumbai and comes for a day or two every two to three months. I have a son, he is still young and is studying in a hostel. Now I will not talk about anything more personal than this. Please don’t ask me either.

Me- Okay, let’s start the program!
She smiled and said- Is there any hurry?
‘I can’t stop looking at you darling!’

I pulled her towards me and started kissing her.
She also started responding to my kiss.

After kissing for a few minutes, I made her stand up and removed her saree.

I started pressing her boobs with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other.
After some time she pushed me away.

I fell on the bed.
Bhabhi came near me and took off my T-shirt and started licking my chest.

Slowly she slid down and pulled down my pants and took out my penis.
My penis had become completely hard. She started sucking the penis and licking it with her tongue.

She let out a sound of ‘aah umm’ and started giving pleasure to my cock saying ‘tasteful banana’.
What can I tell you friends, I was enjoying it so much that I was feeling myself near a nymph of heaven.

After a few minutes she left the penis and got up and took off her blouse and petticoat.
Now she was in front of me only in bra and panty.

I got up and made her stand against the wall, raised one of her legs and pulled down her panties and started licking her pussy.
After licking her pussy for a while, I removed her bra and started sucking her breasts.

Her breasts were so soft as if they were cotton balls.
After drinking both her breasts one by one, I signaled her to come to the bed.

She smiled and grabbed my cock with one hand.

Holding my penis, she took me to the bed and sat on it.

She picked up a condom from the table and before putting it on the penis, she started sucking the penis once again.
Sometimes she would suck the penis, sometimes the balls.

Then Bhabhi put a condom on my penis.
Now Bhabhi lay down on the bed with her legs wide open and smilingly signaled me to come over her.

I climbed on top of Bhabhi and set my cock on her pussy.
Bhabhi also held the cock with her hand and rubbed it from top to bottom in the slit of her pussy.

She was just enjoying the pleasure of rubbing the clitoris of her pussy with the tip of my penis when I gave her a strong blow.

Half of my cock went inside her pussy.
Bhabhi screamed after suddenly taking the cock in- Ouch mommy… this bastard killed me… you bastard, do it slowly… I am not going to run away.

I – Sorry Bhabhi, the thing is that you are such a hottie that I couldn’t control myself.

When Bhabhi heard the word ‘Maal’ for herself, she became happy and said – Okay, but now do it lovingly my king… anyway your dick is much bigger than my husband and Karan’s dick.

Now this was a compliment about my penis.
I came to know from Bhabhi’s mouth that my penis is bigger than my friend’s.

I started giving slow strokes and put the whole cock inside.
Bhabhi was also enjoying the cock now- hmm hmm ahhh ahhh… fuck me hard my king hmm!

I also increased the speed of my fucking and started abusing her – Take it you cunt whore… take it with all your might, take the whole dick… take it you motherfucker whore bitch.

Bhabhi – hmm hmm ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh… fuck me you sister fucker… show me your manliness you bastard… today I will chew your dick raw… ah fuck me you bastard you call me a whore motherfucker.

I was also involved in the pushing and pulling.

After a few minutes, I took out my penis from her pussy and patting her waist said – Come on my whore, now become a bitch… now I will take you from behind.

Bhabhi immediately got up and said- yes fuck me even after making me a bitch you bastard… fuck me even after making me a whore you bastard.
I laughed and patted Bhabhi’s ass and after opening both her buttocks inserted my cock in her pussy from behind.

She said aah and swallowed the penis.

Now I held her breasts with both my hands and started fucking her pussy.

After some time, I made her hang halfway down from the bed and set the pose.
Bhabhi rested on the floor with the help of her hands and her breasts started hanging downwards.

Holding her waist, I got into a fucking position on top of her.
I started fucking Bhabhi while kissing her back.

Bhabhi- Ah… this is a completely new position, I am really enjoying getting fucked in this.
Me- You bitch, you have eaten so many dicks… is your husband impotent, you cunt?

Bhabhi- Till now I have made 7 students like you fuck me. But you are giving me the most pleasure. My husband is not impotent but he comes to fuck me once in three months. Now the pussy needs a cock… that is why I only get fucked by young boys of new age and I also get money from you guys.
Me- Okay my love… now stand up. Now I will make you stand up and fuck you!

I made her stand against the wall and started fucking her pussy from behind.

Slowly she started bending and became a mare again.
I took her back to the bed and kept one of her legs on the bed and started banging her.

Bhabhi- Ahh you fuck me for a long time… Hmm hmm ahhh how long will you take?
I said- I am starting to enjoy it now my whore Bhabhi… Ahh I will go on for a long time.

I pushed and fucked for twenty minutes and Bhabhi started screaming while getting fucked and tears came in her eyes.

She started begging for mercy saying that my pussy is burning… ahh leave it now.

Now I was also about to climax so I said that I am about to ejaculate soon, please bear with me for a little while more.

Saying this, I made her stand and removed the condom and made her sit under my penis.

She understood that now she was going to have a bath so she grabbed my penis.
She held the penis with her fist and started shaking it.

I held her mouth with my hand and opened it and poured all the cum in her mouth.
She was also a real whore, she drank all the cum of my cock.

After that she licked and cleaned my penis and took me to the bathroom holding my penis.
There she cleaned my penis with water. Cleaned herself. Gargled etc.

Then she held my hand and came back to the room.
Now both of us made a peg each and smoked cigarettes while drinking.

She was very happy with my penis and was caressing it repeatedly.
Then Bhabhi kept the cigarette aside and looked at me and hugged me.

She put one of her breasts in my mouth and made me suck it.
I also dripped wine on her breast and started sucking her breast.

She started enjoying herself.
We both talked for a long time.

She told why she likes taking new cocks.

Actually, she was looking for a dick in the absence of her husband .
Then one of her friends advised her to have sex with the students living in that area and she started having sex with the rich students in their rooms and making her nights colorful.
This helped Bhabhi to quench the thirst of her pussy and she also started earning some money.

Friends, hot bhabhi fucked me!

That night I enjoyed fucking Bhabhi so much that I cannot tell you. I had 3 rounds with Bhabhi that night.
In the second round, I even fucked Bhabhi’s ass.

I will write that story some other time.

My friend and I kept her with us for two days and fucked her day and night.

We both have also done group sex twice.
After that I have made that Bhabhi have sex with many of my friends.

Her husband has been transferred to Delhi.
Now that Bhabhi is pregnant, she has stopped giving me the pleasure of sex.

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